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Muslims Troll Man For Holding Hands With Christian Girlfriend



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Some Nigerian Muslims on Twitter have called out a fellow Muslim man for holding the hand of his Christian girlfriend while on a date.

The guy, with the Twitter name, Dankaka, posted the picture with the Caption “Her View, my view.”

However, the tweet didn’t go down well with his fellow Muslims.

One Ismail Yushau said Islam forbids an adult to hold the hands of a woman who is not his wife.

“In Islam doctrine, it is prohibited for an adult to hold a lady’s hands like this. Right your wrong.” he wrote.

Mrs Baffa wrote: “Ma’qil ibn Yasar reported: The Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him, said,” For a nail of iron to be driven in the head of one of you would be better for him than touch a woman who is not lawful for him”

Meanwhile, when a Tweep asked Dankaka if he will convert his girlfriend to Islam, he replied; “Insha Allah”.

See comments below:

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