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WATCH: Amber Heard Drunk On Stage Video Viral On Social Media, Twitter, YouTube & Reddit Link!



amber heard appears drunk


Amber heard has been in the news lately and not because of the Johnny Depp case, but because of the memes and the things which are viral because people are making fun of her in many ways.  Amber Heard lost the defamation case and she was badly lost in the case. But to worsen it up many people are making fun of her and are making fun of her as well. Speaking of which, a video of Amber is getting viral on the internet and this video is of the Aquaman star Amber in a drunk state. The video which was shot years ago is getting viral and yet again Amber has become the topic of discussion. Let us know in detail about the video and why after years it is getting viral. Back in June 2018, Aquaman star Amber heard was invited to an event and the video was from that occasion. The video was from the International Citizen Competition which was held in New York in 2018, June. The video was shot back then in 2018 but it is getting viral now. The video is shared a lot of times as of now and is getting viral as well. Follow Our website for the latest updates!!!!!

Amber Heard Drunk On Stage Video

The video is of heard getting drunk and dancing on the stage while holding others and was in a complete drunk state. The woman was seen getting high and she was high enough. Until now the video has gained 100,000 views and the video is circulated everywhere including on Twitter and Instagram as well. The footage which was hidden for years is now bought into the limelight and is getting really hyped because of the behavior that she was doing because of her drunk state. While on one hand some of the viewers of the video are mocking Amber for her behavior while some others are supporting her saying that she is enjoying the moment. While some others are saying that Amber now should be left alone. As Amber is getting mocked because of the Johnny Depp and Amber heard trials.

Amber Heard Drunk On Stage Full Video Explained

Many internet users are mocking Amber based on the case and they are hating on her because of it as well. Many viewers are addressing and tagging her in the video which is getting viral. Speaking of which, Amber was seen drunk in an interview as well. She was seen drunk and was trembling and breaking because of her drunk state. In a number of instances in the video, Amber was seen breaking and she was confused. This video was released in the middle of the trials and rather the video received a lot of views and Amber was mocked openly. The Interview video of her received over 19 million views on TikTok and it is getting shared as well.

Amber Heard Drunk On Stage Incident

Many people started hating and mocking Amber for her behavior in many videos and interviews as well. Despite the videos are not that problematic still some of the haters are speaking bad words about her. In another instance, Amber was suspected that she was drinking and taking drugs in her bottle. This accusation was laid by many haters and they said that the actress was taking cocaine along with her in the trails and she is drinking it from the water bottle that she has in the trails. While some claimed that she has something in her tissues with which she was seen wiping her nose. Although all of these allegations were not taken seriously and were said to be just rumors as there was nothing happening like said so in the trials.


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