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Where Is Ashley Benefield Today? Daughter And Murder Case Verdict – Guity Or Not Guilty?




A tornado sentiment transformed into a horrible wrongdoing in Florida when Ashley Benefield supposedly killed her own better half, Doug Benefield. He met Benefield, who was 30 years more youthful than him, and immediately became hopelessly enamored.

He met Ashley nine months after his significant other Renee died because of a heart condition. Doug who got hitched to the ballet performer only 14 days subsequent to meeting her was quickly stricken from the main gathering.

“The Black Swan Murder” features Benefield’s story of how a ballet artist became blamed for killing her significant other. The story, announced by “48 Hours” giver Jim Axelrod, will run on CBS on Saturday, June 4 at 10/9c and be accessible on Paramount+.

Where Could Ashley Benefield Today be? Ashley Benefield has been delivered on bond after more than about fourteen days in prison. Ashley was captured and accused of second-degree murder five weeks after the passing, in spite of the fact that she argued not liable.

It’s hazy whether Ashley really dreaded for her life or whether she’s a scheming “dark swan” from a Hollywood show. Her preliminary isn’t set to begin until 2023.

Ashley tried to assemble a comprehensive artful dance organization that invited individuals of all body sizes and nationalities. Companions say Doug needed to satisfy Ashley, and not entirely set in stone to make her blessing from heaven.

At the finish of the late spring of 2017, artists from all over the nation started showing up in Charleston to enlist in the American National Ballet or ANB.

Who Is Ashley Benefield’s Daughter? Ashley Benefield brought forth the couple’s girl in March 2018. At that point, she didn’t tell Doug about their child.

Likewise, she additionally didn’t put his name on the child’s introduction to the world testament. After the appointed authority interceded, he got to see their little girl following a half year.

Doug consented to Ashley when she proposed moving to Maryland with their then 2-1/2-year-old little girl and Ashley’s mom, Alicia Byers, in the spring of 2020.

Doug helped Ashley in stacking the family’s effects onto a U-Haul truck on September 27, 2020. Ashley’s mom carried her granddaughter to a nearby park at 7 p.m., abandoning Ashley and Doug in the house.

That is the point at which he wound up dead after a lethal shooting.

Decision: Was Ashley Benefield Found Not Guilty In The Murder Case? Ashley Benefield was found not blameworthy in the second-degree murder of Doug Benefield. At the point when Doug and Ashley were separated from everyone else in their home, a neighbor heard shouting and called 911.

She, later, showed up at their home with a weapon in her grasp. She let them know that she killed her significant other justifiably.

Doug was as yet alive yet unfit to talk when police and clinical work force showed up. He died an hour after the fact in a neighborhood clinic. Ashley didn’t address sheriff’s representatives, however her mom and legal counselor Faith Brown did.

Her mom guaranteed that she and Ashley had been unnerved by Doug for three and a half years. She asserted they tried to find support from the specialists yet were turned down.

Specialists explored Ashley’s charges against Doug, yet Doug was never accused of a wrongdoing. Doug, Alicia countered, “knows how to play the game.”

Agents found that Doug had been shot two times while confronting Ashley. He was shot two times in the leg and once in the arm, with one slug entering his chest cavity.


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