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Who is Judith Sobol? Michigan nurse charged with murder for being under the influence of drugs while toddler died in her care




A three-year-old little child who was under the watchful eye of Judith Sobol, a 42-year-old home medical care nurture from Coloma, Michigan, was supposedly killed on Thursday.

The young lady died on Monday, per People News. The casualty’s night nurture, Judith Sobol, was supposedly high on meth when she was found by the kid’s body by the police. She was apparently tracked down possessing methamphetamine and medication stuff, as per reports.

Right now, Sobol is being held at the Berrien County Jail. $500k has been laid out as her bond.

The total story of Judith Sobol Judith Sobol had a Masters in Science and Business Administration, as per her LinkedIn profile, and was an authorized home medical services nurture. In 2018, she started her work as a medical caretaker at Forest View Hospital.

However, sobol began involving methamphetamine at some undefined point previously. Specialists attest that she conceded involving the substance in the reasonable justification record.

As per ABC, Sobol’s liability regarding the newborn child, who is three years of age, was simply one more undertaking. Yet, as indicated by Michigan specialists, Sobol recognized involving meth for four straight days. At the scene, two meth pipes were found.

As indicated by the police report, Sobol expressed that while cleaning the casualty’s windpipe tube, she passed out because of a medication initiated daze. The three-year-old newborn child died because of her purportedly neglecting to reconnect the cylinder.

Coloma Township police boss Wes Smigielski summed up the episode in a meeting with WNDU. He expressed:

Police reports, as per ABC News, demonstrated that Sobol acknowledged liability regarding her deeds and recognized that the young person died because of her carelessness.

Judith Sobol was charged by Michigan experts on Monday with second-degree murder and ownership of methamphetamine. She was set to be summoned on Wednesday.

Sobol could get a day to day existence term in prison under Michigan’s second-degree murder regulation. Despite the fact that the investigators don’t think the homicide was arranged, they have accused Sobol in light of her recklessness.


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