Who Is Joshua Danehower? Founder Gret Glyer Suspects Murder Suspect Arrested

As per specialists, Joshua Danehower has been accused of the homicide of a not-for-profit organizer who was killed last week at his Fairfax, Virginia, home.

Almost immediately Friday, Gret Glyer’s family’s home on Bolton Village Court was found to have various shot injuries. His better half and two youngsters are as yet alive, and he was 32.


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A companion of the family started shooting at the dad of two last week while he was sleeping in bed with his significant other, as per Fairfax City, Virginia, police on Wednesday.

Who Is Joshua Danehower? Have some familiarity with Gret Gyler Suspect In the wake of being trailed by police from Arlington to the air terminal, Joshua Danehower, 33, was secured Tuesday night at Dulles International Airport.

At a news meeting on Wednesday morning, a chief from the City of Fairfax Police Department expressed that Danehower is “a colleague of the family.” If he had a legal counselor, that was not promptly obvious.

As per specialists, Glyer was shot while resting in his bed. Police radio correspondences express that his significant other and kids were available.

Glyer laid out the beneficent gift site DonorSee and battled to raise a young ladies’ school in Malawi, an African country.

Is Joshua Danehower Arrested? Joshua Danehower was arrested on doubt of second-degree murder and crime gun use. His confinement was without bond.

Danehower was referenced as a possible suspect by investigators in the wake of being the subject of meetings, as per the police. Not a glaringly obvious explanation were quickly unveiled.

As indicated by a police commandant, “We are sure that there are no known dangers to our neighborhood as of now.”

Police added that Danehower, an air terminal worker, seemed to have carried out the homicide alone.

Joshua Fanehower Fairfax City Murder Update Fairfax City Police Capt. Jeff Hunt expressed during a news meeting on Wednesday that specialists are as yet attempting to sort out a rationale. That’s what he asserted

Glyer’s significant other and two small kids were available at the house and Glyer was shot when they were the two sounds snoozing bed.

No proof interfacing Danehower to the shooting has been disclosed by the police. It’s still right off the bat in the test, as per Hunt.

Police showed up at the Glyers’ home on Bolton Village Court not long before 3 a.m. on June 24 because of a report of a shooting. At the point when the police showed up, Glyer was at that point dead.

Soon after the shooting, Danehower surfaced as a suspect, as per Hunt. At the point when he was confined via air terminal specialists, Danehower was on the way to work at FedEx at Dulles International Airport. After Danehower was arrested on Tuesday night, police looked through his home.