Amotekun operative laments bitterly after soldiers seized all their protective charms (Video)

amotekun soldier seize charms

Some operatives of Amotekun Corp recently had a run-in with soldiers who allegedly dispossessed them of some valuable possession.

The military officers reportedly had an altercation with the Amotekun in Ekiti state and seized all their protective juju (charms).

amotekun soldier seize charms2

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A video which was shared on Instagram by Saintavenue showed when one of the operatives of the regional security outfit was ranting over how they were left to walk around with just uniform and no spiritual protection.

His colleagues were trying to calm him down, but he became agitated even more because he felt that if he is attacked while not wearing his jazz then he may not survive.

Watch the video HERE

iamotika; So no respect for Amotekun!!!! Issokay!!

gregory360_; Una meet senior men today

drizzy_boss_; This isn’t funny what is the problem with this government why take their protection away from them

joe_danoited; Be like say na that guy money them use do the Juju ooh.