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Man who dumped girlfriend to marry someone else begs her to be his side chic



man cheat side chic

A Nigerian Twitter user has shared an interesting story about a married man who seeks to cheat with his ex-girlfriend.

According to the narrator, he broke up with her after dating for two years and went on to marry someone else.

@ThatUrhoboGirl revealed that the guy’s wife was his girlfriend for six months before they eventually tied his knot.

His former babe moved on with her life only for him to contact her later that he wanted her to be his mistress.

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The tweet reads; ”They dated for 2yrs only for him to marry another girl he met within the short period of 6months.

She let it slide and moved on with her life. Dude is back, asking her to be his side chick, that he still have memories of their love and he can’t move on just like that 🤦🏿‍♀️”

See the tweet:

Her post went viral and elicited massive reactions from netizens.

@BlessingChenel; Alot of guys do this,especially wen they feel the ex is not too bright, soo inlove with them or too calm.. if u are a Tacha or cee cee, they won’t try that with u.

@blvck_Witch; This is why you block them. Why did she even give him audience in the first place?

@Sizar4dow; It’s possible she was also dating someone else while they were dating & he noticed and got himself someone as well, u know how ladies say they can’t put all their eggs in one basket? Yeah maybe that’s what happened and when he saw that this other girl was different he “wifed” her

@thelostwiseone; It will shock you that some people in the comment and retweets are entangled in such, thinking themselves smart.
Some will even have the audacity to hate the bride 😂
They concluded that you are not good enough to marry, only for naks

@PortiaVeek; I legit know someone this is happening to. Left her and got married to someone else but came back to keep her as his mistress.

@boks84tm; So a guy did something this grevious and she couldn’t build a block industry on his head. She left the door open for the devil.

@EbizimorDbs; If na me be that girl I go bowl hot water carry fuel and sharp knife to create new world record… if I still see gun that one no bad

@SimonOkolo2; Ladies you just have to know that this guys want to eat their cake and still have it. At the end of the day you will be left alone except if you don’t mind being a baby mama thing then it’s fine.

@OLAMILE85816902; That’s some men format, But some actually regret their decision, her response should have been “then divorce ur wife n marry me”.

@kaahphy; The guy is obviously her enemy, she should have cut down any kinda access he had in her life. Talmabout not being able to move on, If he can’t move on, let him become stagnant nau. Mtchwww

@Handmaids38; She’d willingly agree. The thought of “he’s back to me after everything” is her turn on .lol

@Dhatbarrbie; Men do this when they finally realise they’ve picked stones instead of rough diamonds but too late they’re are now with the stones for life.