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10 snapshots of the glory of NFL Week 2’s comeback



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Week two of the 2022 NFL season was ahead with an amazing comeback—not just for a few teams, but for many of the clutch players who sealed the win.

With football back, comes learning about a cherished story in the sports world: NFL Week 2 is back week.

There was an incredible three-team comeback from the NFL on Sunday. The New York Jets outplayed the Cleveland Browns, the Miami Dolphins rolled their wheelbarrow to vanquish the Baltimore Ravens, and the Arizona Cardinals knocked out the Las Vegas Raiders in overtime.

Let’s think about these results for a moment.

Football Highlights

30-17 with 1:33 in the fourth quarter?

35-14 at the beginning of the fourth?

20-0 in the third quarter as Kyler Murray faces closing?

These are some long odds, the ones that make 28-3 seem like just another Sunday.

In fact, the second week I was Just another Sunday, a day that was filled with glorious and dramatic last-minute comebacks. This is the beauty of football.

But what was also beautiful this week was seeing the rise of so many singles players, some of whom were overlooked in the first week. Those who made the lists of Allen Robinson and Aaron Jones in fantasy football leagues were compensated for their low first week results. James Robinson swings in Jacksonville’s backcourt, fully recovered after a devastating Achilles tendon injury. Jimmy Garoppolo is back, leading the 49ers to a win as beautiful as the old times.

The downside of each of these stories is that there have been huge losses across the board, with teams being humiliated and players sidelined.

But today, we’re here to celebrate recovery.

10. Absolutely happy to be back with Kyler Murray

LAS VEGAS, NV – SEPTEMBER 18: The Arizona Cardinals’ #1 Keeler Murray celebrates after a game-winning touchdown in overtime against the Las Vegas Raiders at Allegiant Stadium on September 18, 2022 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by Jeff Butare/Getty Images)

Does Keeler Murray point and laugh at the fact that his team just stumbled and scored in overtime?

definitely. And why not?

The way Murray and his team battled out from closing in the third quarter, culminating in the play by Byron Murphy by fumbling Hunter Renfrew again, is something that should bring immense joy to card fans.

Really, anyone watching this team work their way out of death’s clenched jaws should throw their head back and radiate unbridled enthusiasm.

Run the simulation a thousand times, and Murray is unlikely to execute a file 85 yards convert two points in 21 seconds even once.

With big losses come bigger gains. The Cardinals were humiliated the first week, and the second week proved to be more of the same – until it didn’t.

If Kyler drove the whole game, he might have thrown us a fist pump. But the astonishing way pigskin fell, was scooped, taped… Sometimes Murphy’s Law rules in your favour, and all you can do is laugh.