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A 7.7-magnitude earthquake struck Mexico in memory of the tragedies of 2017 and 1985



September 19 Is a particularly difficult date in Mexico, this Monday was no exception because on another anniversary of the devastating earthquakes recorded in 1985 and 2017, a strong earthquake shook the country, which according to National Seismological Service It was 7.7 Richter degree.

In Mexico City, the country’s capital, and at other points in the center of the country, every September 19 a Huge simulation To remember the funeral events of those dates, which occurred at 12:30 p.m., however, 35 minutes later, at about 1:05 p.m., the seismic alarm went off again, this time to announce the real telluric movement.

Magnitude 7.4 earthquake in Mexico marks the anniversary of the tragedies of 2017

Where was the epicenter of the earthquake in Mexico?

The epicenter of the earthquake was 63 km south of the city Coal, Michoacana central state in Mexico.

Residents took to the streets in an orderly manner to evacuate the buildings, and at the moment no serious damage has been reported.

First message from President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador

“It is a 6.8-magnitude earthquake according to the National Seismological Center, the epicenter of which was in Colcumen, Michoacán 59 kilometers south of Colima, we will start collecting information and we hope with all our hearts that nothing serious happens,” said the President of Mexico, Anders Manuel Lopez Obrador.

The Governor of Mexico City, Claudia Sheinbaum It announced that at the moment no significant material damage has been reported, but it also confirmed that it has implemented emergency protocols and is working with the Civil Protection.

The Governor of Michoacan, Alfredo Ramirez PedollaHe also announced the earthquake on his Twitter account, however, he did not report significant damage in his area either.


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