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Bay Area man plans to complete 30 acts of kindness before turning 30 years old



SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. — Turning 30 years old is a milestone, but it can also be scary. Instead of a crisis when Tsiliacos turned 29, he decided to channel his anxieties into something good.

“I pulled out a sheet of paper and started to write down all the things that I was grateful for,” Tsiliacos said. “And at that moment, I realized that every wonderful thing that has happened to me was thanks to the support and generosity of others.”

To pay it forward, Tsiliacos has made it his mission to complete 30 acts of kindness before turning 30 next year. Thus, the 30 acts by 30 challenge was born.

After making more than 400 desserts for firefighters in San Jose for his first act, Tsiliacos asked for a specific supply wishlist from Oakland principals to best help their teachers for his second act of kindness.

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To recognize the essential work of teachers, he donated 150 supply kits for middle schools in Oakland. Paper, markers, disinfecting wipes, around $12,000 of supplies were donated by 18 sponsor companies from across the country.

“Acts of kindness like this let us know that we are not invisible, that there are folks out there who really care about our community,” expressed Principal Maya Taylor of Westlake Middle School in Oakland.

And this good deed won’t be his last.

“Just seeing their reactions is the reason why I’m doing this,” said Tsiliacos. “And the goal here is to put a smile on their faces and inspire others to give back in their own way.”

Tsiliacos has been documenting his acts of kindness on social media. He hopes that others will see them and be inspired to give back as well. Follow @30actsby30 on Instagram for updates on Bryan’s journey.