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Camp and assembly on the Rosario-Victoria bridge | A historic mobilization for the fires in the Delta & More Breaking News



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From Rosario

Heavy rain after more than 150 days of drought was the backdrop for the last part of the historic mobilization in Rosario for the fires in the Delta. Within the framework of a Plurinational Action for Wetlands coordinated by more than 500 organizations, there was a massive March on Saturday with the presence of more than 10 thousand people walking on the Rosario-Victoria bridgewhich was completely cut off, a camp during the night, and finally, on Sunday afternoon, a Assembly which had to be done indoors. The expected rain came to relieve the ecosystem and caused the cut to be lifted earlier than expected. Organizations and self-convoked resolved move to Buenos Aires this Thursday, day in which the Chamber of Deputies will begin to discuss the Wetlands bills in plenary of commissions. On Tuesday there will be a new meeting to organize the trip and discuss other motions that were considered.

The Wetlands Act was the central demand of Saturday’s march and it is historic. Organizations are in state of alert because there are several texts in dance, but only one has their endorsement: the one that was stalled in the Agriculture committee at the end of last year, losing parliamentary status, and presented again by deputy Leonardo Grosso in February of this year. Due to a strong lobby, the treatment of the initiative fell three times in the history of the country. On Thursday there will also surely be actions in Rosario and there could be a large concentration at the Monument to the Flag in 20, 25 days.

camping overnight

Far –geographically and emotionally– from the speed of the center, from the queues for bowling alleys and music to everything that happens in stores and cars, the deployment is contrasting on the border with Granadero Baigorria. at the head of the bridge a group of young people star in a quiet camping. Are around 60 the tents installed on the spot. “It’s like a woodstock greaser”, he compares with the laughter caused by fatigue Jésica Fernández Bruera, from the Multisector Wetlands.

Football Highlights

Image: Sebastian Granata.

After 1 in the morning, the last scheduled activity on the grid ends, a talk about astronomy which was to include a telescopic sighting. He got frustrated because you don’t see stars; It’s very cloudy. A stove dedicated to the environment continues to be nourished by both spectators and musicians. are heard own compositions dedicated to the wetland.

Image: Sebastian Granata.

“They are killing us”, denounces a new graffiti painted on the guardrail. It is the first thing you see when climbing the ladder. Another: “A lot of lead a lot of smoke. This smoke has a first and last name.” The space is inhabited by ancient legends in weathered white paint. “There is no planet B”, “Our Parliament is in the street” is read, for example, on the illuminated asphalt. Some signs on the bridge have been intervened: “Protected burned area. Wetlands and islands of Victoria”, “Attention. Next 58 kilometers. Released wildlife death”. In one they have pasted the photo of Governor Omar Perotti, accused of “accomplice” and “traitor”.

Earlier all age groups mobilized. From children to older adults, the most affected by smoke. But now at kilometer zero, the point where the walk that culminated in the middle of the bridge began, nothing else remains, or Above all, the young remain. The night is yours. There are more or less 150, both from organizations and self-convened. The cut is complete. The tents occupy the hand in the direction of Victoria, the same one that occupied the route on Saturday. Some are staked over the portion where there is land; others on the asphalt. The idea circulates that there are more people than space in the tents. A couple sleeps embracing outside, covered with blankets. They see bikes, motorcycles, cars. Gendarmerie presence at both ends of the camp.

Image: Sebastian Granata.

Of all the images that the cold night delivers, the most powerful in its capacity for synthesis is that of the skull of a cow arranged in the middle of the path. It is the largest of a set of bones of other animals. They were brought from the islands by a group of artists for the intervention that began the activities scheduled after the march. They also brought ashes. A girl who introduces herself as Dani de la Isla says that the performance was inspired by those birds that are seen flying through the smoke, as insistent. “If we are already dead… what do we do? An artist wondered why a bird flies into smoke. They are looking for the nests, what does not die.” “If you look you find everything: capybara skulls, cow hooves, pieces of eggs set on fire… everything is death if you put your hand“, the Mint Caro Pampinwith a Multisectorial cap and part of the performance.

I started at the first bridge cut, in a pandemic. There were no cars, traffic, you had to come yes or yes by bicycle. I came the same way, with a terrible fear, ”she evokes. “I am a single mother. If I fall, all three fall. And I don’t have a breadwinner. I am an orphan. I have them all. I was chosen. I cried, because I love the river, I have inhabited it, I have played on the island. It reminds me of my childhood, my childhood. To my family that I have no more. Are they going to burn my wetland now? It passed me on that side. Are they going to take this out of me too?” she expresses. She is 45 years old. She talks about a girl who forgot to bring some posters with the native flora and fauna from 20 years ago: “Deer, jaguars, all that there was… that was what I experienced when I was a girl. I moved so that the rays appeared, I fished mojarritas, there was an abundance of trees and vegetation. It was getting into that lung. Neither the buildings nor the bridge were there. They are touching me something that is an intimate fiber”.

Image: Sebastian Granata.

Some boys fill their thermos with water that heats a clay oven built a few hours ago. A dog with a collar wanders around looking for affection. Those of the Polo Obrero, located at the end, display their flags. They play the trick. Another group, with the Uno cards, invented a role-playing game. Amtawi He speaks to four young men. Aymara women came especially from Buenos Aires (Tigre) to “see and support”. Everyone in the camp knows her. They listen to her seated, attentively; to them she is the voice of wisdom. They are next to the gazebo of the Taller Ecologista organization, decorated for the occasion. But they are self-summoned.

Amtawi is not very happy with the image of the afternoon. She was the most important socio-environmental mobilization in the history of Rosario. It doubled in quantity to that of August 2020 also on the bridge. The city has one and a half million inhabitants.

“What about the town of Rosario? I come to support, because me too… not at the moment of smoke… but I’m here because somehow I’m going to absorb it in Buenos Aires. Despite the amount there is, it is a minimum,” reflects the woman, who believed that the bridge “was going to bend” because of the crowd. “It is not a fire. They are days, months. I hear on television the consequences that are taking place: mothers say that their children are sick; older people say ‘we are asthmatics, it makes us sick’”, she completes. Caro says that Amtawi was in charge of lighting the saumo at the beginning of the artistic intervention. “The sacred fire. There is too. The fire of desires for all this to end.”

Image: Sebastian Granata.

This is the second camp on the bridge. There was another one in 2020, with a disturbing climate. The cut was not complete, but only in the direction of Entre Ríos. The young people denounce that the Gendarmerie took away their protection and that is why they were physically and verbally assaulted by motorists and truckers. Other drivers, on the other hand, gave them ice creams -these were very hot days-. It was a camp indefinitely. It lasted seven days. On this occasion the care commission of the Multisector called for volunteers to night guards. Beyond the fact that the area is insecure, the gendarmes parade through the other lane in cars and on foot. They intimidate. Besides, that memory is fresh.

The talks between mate and fernet, the guitar playing, the card games, the programmed and spontaneous artistic expressions and the place taken by alternative knowledge bring to the fore the need for meet and exchange. Of catharsis collective. Julia Camilletti, 33, self-convened, holistic therapist, came from dry Creek. A grotesque cloud of smoke invaded his city when it was time to leave. “We were inside the apocalypse. In nearby cities, also affected, there is less organization or more apathy. It is more difficult to gather interested people. They complain on the networks,” she says. “It is sad to see the burnings and feel alone. When you come, you see many people who are in it. The frequency when we get together is different. The earth needs us to fight with joy.

The assembly

Right within the framework of this cut that is history, at the end of the week in which smoke hurt society the most in two and a half years, the rain arrives on sunday at 13.30. It forces the camp to be broken up ahead of time, and the assembly with 200 people takes place under the pass. Before the debate there are yoga and capoeira classes, an Afro performance, a tree planting in the roundabout and graffiti on the bridge. At different times of the day, children and older adults come back to accompany. The intervention of claudia aboaf, writer, teacher and astrologer, one of the most powerful voices against ecocide, is highly applauded. “Luckily the rain came down on us, and not the Gendarmerie,” say the protesters.

Some proposals put forward are very radical, such as a cut for an indefinite period. Others have adherence, but will be part of a sharing to be held on Tuesday in a cultural center: do scratches the accused as the owners of the fire, as Rufino Pablo Baggio either Juan Carlos Paladin, go to the houses of politicians, such as governors Omar Perotti and Gustavo Bordet –all powers are held responsible, and in the case of the Executive, without distinction–. There is also talk of starting to demand the expropriation of land in the island area and to involve the unions to organize a regional strike. Other ideas are to create a citizen brigade, with kayaks that collaborate to solve the problem of fires, ruled out at the time due to the risks involved. All in all, this weekend it is shown that Rosario inhales smoke but exhales fight.

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