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Check your trees: NJ environmental officials asking residents to keep eye out for beech leaf disease



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TRENTON, N.J. (CBS) — If you live in New Jersey take a close look at your trees. The Department of Environmental Protection wants you to be on the lookout for beech leaf disease. 

The early signs are dark bands between leaf veins and you may only see it in a few leaves, but it can eventually kill the trees within two to seven years. 

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Beech leaf disease, discovered in 2012, affects most beech species, in this case the American beech, an important tree of eastern North America known for its beautiful smooth-gray bark. The striped leaves that indicate the disease are caused by nematodes, which are microscopic and parasitic worms. As of this writing (2022), there is no known control for this destructive disease, which along with beech bark disease is killing millions of these beloved trees. Taken in Connecticut.

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If you spot signs of the disease, you should get in touch with the New Jersey Forest Service by emailing [email protected] or calling (609) 292-2532.