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Emma Watson Looks Alike Goes Totally Gryffindor In Honor Of Hermione Granger’s Birthday



Harry Potter Fans are incredibly loyal individuals who seem to never miss an occasion associated with the beloved franchise. And today, September 19, it happens to be the birthday of Hermione Granger, the intelligent and incredibly skilled young witch played by Emma Watson in the movie franchise. Many people have taken to social media to celebrate the fictional character’s special day, but there’s one tribute in particular that really catches the eye. This post comes from the Watson-like look, who went all for Gryffindor cosplay for Hermione’s birthday.

Emma Watson doppelgänger In question is Carrie Lewis, who has gone viral for her uncanny resemblance to the Harry Potter actress. Posted by Lewis in tik tok To celebrate Hermione Granger’s birthday, and honoring her that fans may not easily forget. The video she shared begins with Lewis wearing a graphic T-shirt before she transforms into a Gryffindor costume. Check out the video below and try not to be surprised what Watson does:

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