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Eric Armstead files charges against black Dan Skipper



San Francisco 49ers defensive lineman Eric Armstead accused viral Lions offensive lineman Dan Skipper of using racist language on the field.

The story of black offensive lineman Dan Skipper exploded online this weekend. It’s safe to say it was a delightful Sunday story.

Longtime coaching staff member Skipper was called up to start his first career with Detroit on guard and helped his team clinch a big win. Head coach Dan Campbell highlighted his playing in the locker room afterwards. His colleagues chanted his name. The video went viral.

Now, an accusation has emerged from 49-man linebacker Eric Armstead that threatens to change the whole story about Skipper’s big weekend.

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According to Armstead on Instagram, Skipper addressed the N-word to gamers during games.

“So we encourage racism now? Several players call the N-word in games. Hard ER,” Armstead wrote in response to Skipper’s viral video being lauded in the locker room.

Eric Armstead accused Lions Dan Skipper of using the N word.

This is a serious accusation that must be settled by the players and the NFL.

For the record, Skipper never played Armstead’s 49ers. He made 14 regular season games, three with the Texas and the rest with the Lions. He’s also spent time trying to earn a spot on the roster with the Cowboys and Patriots. He doesn’t appear to have played pre-season games against San Francisco either.

Skipper went to college in Arkansas, where he played from 2013 to 2016. Armstead went to Oregon from 2012 to 2014. The two schools did not meet at the time.