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Fulllife, when fashion and gaming references meet & More Latest News Here




It’s a brand that is gradually making its mark in the world of gaming mode. Fulllife, a French start-up launched in 2021, boasts great popularity today thanks to partnerships with heavyweights in the streaming scene (Henry Tran, Colas Bim, etc.). Still very young as a company, Fulllife nevertheless boasts of almost 100,000 customers. “With an ultra-high satisfaction rating of 4.7/5 and a return rate of less than 3%,” says Alexandre Malsch, CEO of the brand.

According to him, Fulllife is based on two pillars: an eco-responsible French axis and, above all, a passion for video games. “We are gamers with a mission to celebrate our community and its boundless creativity. Our pieces are worn as a means of personal expression, on the streets as well as in the stands of the biggest esports events,” he explains.

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Curious to discover this universe praised by several influencers, we wanted to form our own opinion. So we went to the brand’s website to place an order. What we like, from the start, is the experience offered. From the arrival on the site, to the order through the package or communications by email, everything is designed to transport the customer into a universe modeled on the video game. We find loot (capsules that unlock a virtual currency which then allows you to have a reduction on next orders, badges or articles) of progress (some articles are not available for registration, they must be unlocked ) and easter-eggs. Everything is thought out, worked to stick to this world that Fulllife wants to transpose into fashion.

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Total experience

What we appreciate is that the brand does not overdo it on clothes. Unlike the user experience, collections are more discreet. You can obviously find t-shirts with big logos but, in most cases, Fulllife is content to place small references that only connoisseurs can spot. For others, the t-shirt will seem banal. Let’s take the example of the Henry Tran collection: the streamer’s T-Shirt which consists of a simple Koryo, a feline proudly wearing its black belt, located at the level of the heart. In short, impossible to associate it with the middle of gaming without knowing the reference.

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Regarding the clothes themselves, the quality is there. Fulllife ensures that it uses 100% organic cotton (mainly from Egypt) as well as certified inks compatible with these standards. The production of the clothes is done in Portugal.

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We had ordered three t-shirts and a sweater: the cut is a little oversized but everything is fine, we feel comfortable in it. No disappointment on our side, the products also exude solidity. It is therefore validated and carried.

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Whether in the user experience offered or in the quality of the products, Fulllife seems to be perfectly equipped to establish itself as a safe bet in its environment. If we can blame the delivery system which remains a stumbling block for small online shops, the rest is perfectly worked and thought out. What is offered combines two worlds that others have sometimes tended to associate with abundance. None of that here since Fulllife manages to balance gaming culture and fashion so that the clothes don’t scream “I’m a gamer”.

The discovery is therefore good and we are now eager to see how the brand will evolve. The new partnerships show in any case that it still has something to offer and that it only asks to grow.

Fulllife, when fashion and gaming references meet
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Fulllife, when fashion and gaming references meet
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Fulllife, when fashion and gaming references meet
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