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Gbese Mantse, Nii Ayi-Bonte II Debunks Social Media Mischief Over Royal Funeral Invite



The Adonten of the Ga State, His Royal Majesty Nii Dr Ayi-Bonte II has come out to debunk reports he asked for an invite to the royal funeral of Queen Elizabeth II.

In a statement available to, the office of the Gbese Mantse debunks the mischievous banter surrounding a video of Nii Ayi-Bonte and the British High Commissioner.

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The statement sought to set the record straight.

Read below…

The video trending on Tik Tok about the Adonten of the Ga State His Royal Majesty Nii Dr. Ayi-Bonte II which is tarnishing his image by way of  some comments are false and the public should move away from such comments.

Furthermore, the Office of Gbese Mantse also wants to react on the above statement by emphasising that the Adonten of the  Ga State did not go to the British high Commission to beg for visas neither did he go to beg for Royal invitation to  Her Late  Majesty Queen’s funeral.

Last Friday on  the 16th of September 2022, We are putting on record that the High Commissioner Her Excellency  Harriet Thompson  was Gbese development Queen Mother before the death of Queen Elizabeth II occurred. 

She has been the Development Queen Mother to Gbese and she officially and personally announced the demise of  Queen  Elizabeth II to His Royal Majesty.   His Royal Majesty has gone to sign the book of condolence as well as to console his development Queen Mother and assuring her of his support on behalf of the people of Gbese. 

She also called for His Royal Majesty to join her to mourn with her in all the programmes lined up for the funeral for Her late Royal Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

His  Royal Majesty Nii Dr. Ayi-Bonte and some of his Chiefs were at the  Memorial Church service in honour of the  Late Queen Elizabeth II  at Holy Trinity Cathedral the Angelica  Church , Accra.

The public and the whole world must know that  Her Excellency Harriet Thompson the British High Commissioner to Ghana has Royal and family ties with the Gbese kingdom in the Greater Accra Region Ghana. Her  Royal name is Naa Okaitso Nrami I, Gbese Nçyaa Manye and His Royal Majesty Nii Dr Ayi-Bonte II and the people of Gbese will do everything to support their  Development Queen Mother as our tradition demands. 

Finally the Late Queen had a strong relationship with the people of Gbese because she donated the only property she had in Ghana to the  kingdom personally in 1961 during her very first to Ghana. This was a school complex which was  christened after the Queen and it is known as Queen Elizabeth II Education Center,  this may be  renamed as Queen Elizabeth II Memorial Education Center in due course. 

We therefore have every right to mourn Her Late Majesty and further eulogize Her as our tradition demands.


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