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How to Watch Abbott Elementary Season 2 Online – Release Date, Hulu, Trailer & More



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The new school year is here, and you can watch Abbott Elementary’s second season online to get your high school dose of academia without registering yourself. And the beloved surprise returns of last season with big questions, new money and the same underdog group of teachers.

Release date and time of season two of Abbott Elementary, channel

Abbott Elementary School season two is scheduled to air Wednesday (September 21) at 9 p.m. ET on ABC (available via fubu (Opens in a new tab)) and at Hulu on Thursday (September 22) at 3 a.m. ET.

Yes, when the doors open at Willard R. Abbott Public School, we will only have teachers at first. Episode 1, “Development Day” is the non-student window where teachers prepare for the new year. And there’s plenty to discuss, as Janine is now single (Tariq is focusing on his rap career) and will be completely focused on work.

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