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Is Cheryl Ladd Married? Who is Her Husband? Does She Have Kids?




‘Dancing with the Stars‘ is a unique dancing reality show by Disney+. Each season, the series features multiple teams of two who must compete to claim the title of the winner. The pairs are made up of a beloved celebrity and a dancing professional, who must overcome the odds and showcase what they are made of to the judges and the viewers. Apart from its entertaining premise, the show is also a good chance for the audience to see their favorite personalities dancing and having a good time.

Each installment of the show features many well-known names and the 31st season was no different with names like Cheryl Ladd née Stoppelmoor, whose partner was none other than the amazing Louis van Amstel. The popular actress was welcomed with open arms by fans of the show who could not wait to see the star in action. While most are quite aware of her professional achievements, many are curious about the details of her personal life. Luckily, we are here to explore the same.

Cheryl Ladd’s Ex-Husband and Daughter

Cheryl married her husband, David Ladd, in 1973 and took his last name as her own. David is the son of actor Alan Ladd and his second wife, Suw carol, who herself was a beloved actress and talent agent. However, the marriage between Cheryl and Davi soon started to fall apart. The actress apparently considers her rise to fame due to her role in ‘Charlie’s Angels’ as a significant factor. The couple was not easily able to manage the imbalance in their popularity, among many other things, and ended up divorcing each other in 1980.

Despite her separation from David, Cheryl chose not to change her name. While married, Cheryl and David had a daughter named Jordan, who was born on January 14, 1975. Jordan is working as a talented actress and is known for being a part of multiple popular horror films. Her work in movies like ‘Cabin Fever,’ ‘Club Dread,’ and ‘Grace’ has made her known as a scream queen.

Cheryl Ladd’s Husband and Kids

Cheryl Ladd is happily married to music producer Brian Russell. The couple met thanks to Cheryl’s ex-husband David, who used to be good friends with Brian. However, at the time, Cheryl and David were still together. In 1978, the two worked together on Cheryl’s song “Think It Over,” though they were not dating at the time. In fact, the two started going out in the fall of 1979, which surprised many. This was mainly due to the friendship between Brian and David and the fact that Cheryl was still married, though she had apparently separated from David in the same year.

However, Cheryl shared that she and Brian had been friends for a long time but had only been platonic until after Cheryl’s split. “[We] looked at each other differently,” Ladd wrote for People. “I said, ‘Look, why don’t you just kiss me? We’ll either laugh our asses off and get this over with—or we’ll get married.’” Though their relationship was viewed by suspicious eyes due to the timing, the couple weathered the media storm together and came out on the other side stronger than ever.

On January 3, 1981, Cheryl and Brian tied the knot and started their journey as a happily married couple. At the time, Brian shared custody of his daughter, Lindsay Russell, with his ex-wife Brenda Russell, who was married from 1974 to 1978. Together, Cheryl and Brian had two daughters, whom they raised with love and care. Brian even helped her break out of the shell of Kris Munroe (Cheryl’s character from ‘Charlie’s Angels’) after the show was canceled in 1981.

As of writing, the couple has a dog named Boone, whom they love from the bottom of their hearts. Brian’s daughter Lindsay has three children of her own, Nehemiah, Judah, and Kailah, whom Cheryl loves dearly. We wish Cheryl and her family the best in their lives and hope they have a wonderful future ahead.

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