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Law & Order: SVU Star blasts the show after days of viral comments from John Oliver



Last week tonight with John Oliver He has a history of using the comic monologue format to draw attention to political and cultural themes. The show is incredibly good at making big ideas and complex struggles more accessible to a general audience. Last week, Oliver spoke about the long-running NBC franchise Law and order. He pondered the show’s relationship with the police and how the popularity of the proceedings had apparently skewed public perception of law enforcement. This caught the attention of many, including Law & Order: SVU alum Diane Neal, who went on to bomb NBC shows days after the clip aired.

Diane Neal really seems to relate to John Oliver’s allure. After the discussion went viral, Neil tweeted about it while also asking those who had been victims of sex crimes to tell her about their experiences with law enforcement. Neil responded to an individual who shared his story with her and didn’t hold back when sharing her thoughts:

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