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Melissa Sclafani: Where Is She Now? What Was Her Crime? Updates



Melissa Sclafani: Where Is She Now? What Was Her Crime? Updates

What happens when the insecurity of your financial state of affairs drives you to the aim of desperation? This is the story of a mother named Melissa Sclafani, who was as quickly as a monetary establishment teller in Gloucester, Massachusetts, nonetheless later grew to change into involved in working a worldwide phony steroid rip-off. Melissa Sclafani is the subject of this story. The swindle and the investigation course of, together with Melissa’s present whereabouts, are talked about in good aspect on the episode of “My True Crime Story” that airs on VH1. The question stays, who exactly is that this Melissa Sclafani? Let’s uncover out.

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What Was Melissa Sclafani’s Crime?

Melissa Sclafani, who lived at 19 Beacon Street in Gloucester, Massachusetts, was in her late 20s when she grew to change into a mother. She was having problem making ends meet and was affected by postpartum melancholy. Her place as a monetary establishment teller on the neighborhood monetary establishment was not ample to ensure the financial wellbeing of her family. When she first met Tyler Bauman of Shrewsbury and Philip Goodwin of Lynn, she was looking for a job that may provide supplemental income. The group of three, together with the assistance of three further individuals who participated throughout the conspiracy, established a company that provided fake steroids in February of 2016.

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According to the courtroom information, their ringleader, Tyler, manufactured injectable anabolic steroids out of the raw steroids that had been launched in from Hong Kong and China. Tyler then marketed these steroids throughout the United States under false pretenses. Tyler marketed the liquid steroids under the guise of a fictitious subsidiary of Amgen, which is an American worldwide biopharmaceutical firm. He used the online alias “musclehead320.” On the alternative hand, Amgen doesn’t produce or promote any anabolic steroids of this sort. Under the determine “Onyx Pharmaceuticals,” Melissa and the alternative of us involved promoted and marketed their merchandise on quite a few well being blogs and social media platforms. The agency even used a fictitious electronic message sort out.

According to quite a few accounts, with a goal to unfold their fake product all through the nation, the perpetrators strong the product’s labels, holograms, and branding. The United States Attorney’s Office for the District of Massachusetts emphasizes the way in which by which they accepted payment for his or her merchandise, stating, “Customers paid for the steroids via money remitters, such as Western Union and MoneyGram, and members of the conspiracy used false identifications and multiple remitter locations to pick up the steroid proceeds.” [C]ustomers paid for the steroids by means of money remitters, paying homage to Western Union and MoneyGram.

After then, the earnings from the scheme had been laundered by way of a tanning retailer in Beverly Hills that was operated by Tyler and Philip. Melissa was appointed to the place of firm secretary on the Gloucester establishment commonly known as Wicked Tan LLC, which was positioned on Dodge Street. She assisted the alternative defendants in getting raw provides and supplies from one different nation with a goal to facilitate the manufacturing of the fake steroids. Additionally, she was involved throughout the course of of money laundering by way of the tanning salon using the earnings from the sale.

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Where is Melissa Sclafani Today?

From February 2016 until April 12, 2017, after that they had been charged with and detained for conspiracy to website guests steroids and launder money, Melissa Sclafani carried out the fraud for almost a yr, all through which period it lasted from 2016 to 2017. The United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and the Homeland Security Investigations division had been people who carried out the inquiry (HSI). Officers from the Office of Criminal Investigation of the Food and Drug Administration, the New York Field Office, and the United States Postal Inspection Service aided the investigators all by means of the course of the investigation.

The massive investigation that was carried out with the assistance of a number of federal firms resulted throughout the issuance of 5 federal search warrants, which “yielded 9 kilograms of raw powder steroids, over 35,000 units of finished steroid units, laboratory production equipment, 14,000 fraudulent branding labels, and boxes as well as more than $500,000 in cash.” In addition, an entire of six federal arrest warrants have been issued for Melissa, Tyler, and Philip, along with for Brian Petzke of Saugus, Robert Medeiros of Gardner, and Kathryn Green of Shrewsbury. All of these individuals are from Massachusetts.

On July 14, 2017, Melissa entered a accountable plea in a federal courtroom in Boston, Massachusetts. She was charged with “one count of conspiracy with intent to distribute and distribute counterfeit steroids and one count of conspiracy to launder money.” The bills of money laundering might find yourself in a jail sentence of as a lot as twenty years, a advantageous of as a lot as half 1,000,000 {{dollars}} or double the amount gained or misplaced due to the conspiracy, and three years of probation after launch from jail. The conspiracy to create and distribute phony steroids resulted in a doable penalty of 5 years in jail, three years of supervised launch, and a advantageous of as a lot as 200 and fifty thousand {{dollars}}, or twice the amount gained or misplaced due to the conspiracy.

However, because of Melissa entered proper right into a plea settlement, her sentence was significantly diminished. The 30-year-old defendant was given a sentence on April 26, 2018, that included a yr and a day in jail along with two years of supervised launch. As of the yr 2022, Melissa Sclafani has fulfilled your entire requirements of her sentence. She is at current within the midst of her 30s and works at Citizens Bank as an assistant supervisor.

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