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Mexico 2022 earthquake: disturbing images from Michoacan, Colima and Mexico City



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DrThe afternoon of September 19 a strong earthquake Shaking for the second year in a row Pacific coast of MexicoWhich caused moments of panic in different regions, especially in the states Michoacan, Colima, Jalisco, Beside Mexico CityWhere catastrophic earthquakes coincided on this date in Last 30 years old: the first in 1985, followed by one in 2017.

according to Mexico’s National Seismological ServiceThe earthquake was severe 7.7 on the Richter scalewith the epicenter 40 miles south of the city of Colcumen, Michoacan, near the border with the state of Colima.

Dramatic moments in Michoacan

Minor damage has been reported so far, particularly in the coastal area of Michoacan and ColimaWhere there is a gym in the port manzanillo He reportedly collapsed.

Football Highlights

Meanwhile, the beach looked like this at the time of the earthquake:

In another video, the damage caused by the natural phenomenon is observed in Church of San Miguel Arcangel In Tatczcuaro, Michoacan, where locals spotted how one of the bell towers had broken, and during the movement, debris coming out of the crater was observed:

In the town of Kolkomen, the area closest to the epicenter, its intensity was felt even more strongly, which caused panic among the residents and cracked some walls, as well as collapsed some brick roofs:

On the Siglo XXI Highway who connects Port of Lzaro Crdenas with city Europea large boulder fell in the middle of the road, so traffic was slightly affected.

In Uruapan, in the center of Michoacan, I also felt the power of movement, in a region of Mexico where earthquakes are uncommon. In a video, the shaking of a building is observed, as glass breaks and falls towards the public highway.

in Mexico City, Moments of excruciating pain passed on the cable car known as the Cablebs, north of town, where service was temporarily suspended and units were seen moving with great force.