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My Hero Academia shocks fans with the long-awaited comeback of Izuku



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My Hero Academia is back with a new chapter this week, and it has all eyes set on UA ​​High School. After all, war has reached school, and it’s just one of several fronts in the last chapter of the manga. Heroes like Eraserhead and Dynamight have been fighting on campus since the outbreak of war. And now, the manga has left fans stunned thanks to the long-awaited return of Izuku.

It all started live this week in My Hero Academia Chapter 366. After a short delay, Shonen Jump released the new issue of the week, and chat with Shigaraki at UA High School. The heroes on campus have been in trouble for some time now due to Shigaraki’s sudden power reinforcements and Bakugo’s life-or-death strike. This has left fans on edge waiting for Izuku’s return, and My Hero Academia came out of nowhere this week.

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As you can see below, fans are swarming around his epic entrance, and creator Kohei Horikoshi has apparently taken care of the details with Izuku’s arrival. The epic moment definitely represents one of the best moments in the current manga arc, and of course, readers are desperate to see how Izuku competes in battling his archenemy.

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