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Paradise Tickets Tickets Online, Critics All About The George Clooney And Julia Roberts Pairing



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Comments are flowing in for Heaven ticketEnthusiastic fans of romantic comedies will likely know where all these posts are. We’ve seen quite a few gorgeous pairs between number one actors in the genre, but somehow we’ve come that long without seeing George Clooney and Julia Roberts play one together. Suffice it to say that there are people who have invested in seeing how this person can move, especially given Clooney doesn’t appear often in funny love stories.

The good news is that most critics seem to take it all in with George Clooney and Julia Roberts (who are also Don’t do too many rom-coms anymore) in Heaven ticket – even if they’re not all in the movie as a whole. movie’s Wenlei Ma points out that while the movie itself may seem a little generic, Clooney and Roberts just right it with their performances:

Because Clooney and Roberts are on the alert. This is exactly the kind where they can dial their magic to 12, turn on the full wattage of their attraction and distract you from the fact that the movie itself is generic and predictable and loses momentum about halfway. But there are often such low expectations from rom-coms that even an approved and accepted person can be considered to have kept their promise just by being there. And if you add Clooney and Roberts, that’s just a friendly cut on the top.