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Podkarpacie, World War II. The search for the remains of the victims of the NKVD camp in Trzebuska has begun & More Breaking News




On Monday, exploration work began in the Turzan forests near Nienadówka in the Podkarpacie region. There may be mass graves of the victims of the former camp of the Military Tribunal of the First Ukrainian Front of the Red Army in Trzebuska.

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The remains of eight people were found in the vicinity of the former NKVD camp

In two graves, discovered during archaeological excavations carried out by the Office of Search and Identification of the Institute of National Remembrance in the vicinity of the former NKVD camp …

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During the press conference inaugurating the search, Deputy Minister of Justice Marcin Warchoł pointed out that two years ago the Minister of Justice Zbigniew Ziobro ordered the resumption of the investigation, which was discontinued in 2004. – The investigation concerned the genocide committed in Trzebuski, a camp that was located here from July – August to November 1944 – he pointed out.

– The NKVD units that entered our country were not only tasked with destroying Polish statehood, but also with destroying the nation, annihilating the tissue that had always built our national identity and sovereignty – murdering Polish heroes. These crimes have been covered up for years, he stressed.

The deputy minister recalled that there had been a crime in these areas, which had been covered up for years, and those who did so were promoted in the then Security Service. – Evidence of this fact is also found today – he added.

– In the Polish People’s Republic, there was no mention of this crime, it was inappropriate. Glory to those who have preserved this memory for years, the keepers of the memory, the witnesses who testify today. And they are not afraid of, perhaps, neighborhood ostracism – said Warchoł.

Prisoners of the NKVD camp in Trzebuska

The vice-president of the Institute of National Remembrance, Karol Polejowski, who was there, indicated that in August 1944 there was an NKVD filtration camp for about 200-300 prisoners in Trzebuska. During the entire period of its operation, about 2.5 thousand people passed through it. prisoners, including high-ranking officers of the Home Army with Colonel Władysław Filipkowski – commander of the Home Army in Lviv, as well as commanders of the Home Army districts from Lviv and Tarnopol.

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The Katyn massacre. 82 years ago, the NKVD started the deportation of Polish prisoners of war

82 years ago, on April 3, 1940, the NKVD began the liquidation of the Kozelsk camp and the deportation of prisoners. In the following days, the camps in Ostashkov (4 …

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As Polejowski added, in the Trzebuska camp, officers from the Military Tribunal and the NKVD investigated the prisoners. They stood before a Soviet military court operating in the camp. The deputy head of the Institute of National Remembrance stressed that the court sentenced him to exile into the Soviet Union or to death. – Those who were sentenced to death were murdered and – as witnesses testified – brought to the Turzan forests and buried here – emphasizes Polejowski.

The investigation is conducted by the Branch Commission for the Prosecution of Crimes against the Polish Nation in Rzeszów.

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Ewa Leniart, the voivode of Podkarpacie, emphasized on Monday that many people who died here fought for the independence of Poland. She recalled that the places where people from the Trzebuska camp were to be buried had already been searched, but so far to no avail.

Leniart added that there were attempts to obtain information about the camp from the Russian Federation, but they were not successful.

Deputy Public Prosecutor General, director of the Chief Commission for the Prosecution of Crimes against the Polish Nation, Andrzej Pozorski, said that the place to be searched was indicated by a witness of these events. Pozorski added that when the NKVD officers retreated from these areas, they burned all documents, clothes and notes of people who were in the camp.

The prosecutor emphasized that according to witnesses, several hundred people could have died in the camp. – I hope that our search will bring a positive effect. We assume we will be here for 6 days, but we can extend this time, he said.

The exploration area will cover approximately 800 sq m.

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