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Russell Wilson was so bad at sports books showing mercy to supporters of the best player



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PointsBet Sportsbook shows mercy to sports bettors Russell Wilson 2022 NFL MVP.

Let’s just say the first two games of the Denver Broncos led by Russell Wilson were mostly bad.

For all those in the Broncos town who decided to ride Wilson into the kitchen, watching Ross Cook was a bad time. Not only does he have no clue how to cook at high altitudes, but chef Nathaniel Hackett can’t hack it. These boys put Pop Tarts in the microwave with the wrap still on. It might be a 1-1 Denver game, but few teams have looked worse in two weeks…

So if you place a bet at PointsBet Sportsbook on Wilson winning MVP, you get a Mulligan Prize.

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Let’s Ride Let’s Fade: Don’t Hesitate to Face Russell Wilson Now

While there were people who were all at the Broncos in this off season, there were others who had major reservations about what was happening. a look. This franchise had to make a big splash. Since Peyton Manning launched into the sunset, this team hasn’t been a playoff band. 2015 was a long time ago. Von Miller has already won another Super Bowl, so let that sink in.

Sure, the idea of ​​pairing Wilson with an offensive coach at Hackett sounded good in theory, but that doesn’t look like it’s going to end well for Denver. They play in an incredibly difficult division already. They seem to be at a disadvantage in training every fall Sunday. Wilson was expected to have deodorant to cover up the stench. Instead, it became part of the problem.

There’s nothing wrong with the Broncos organization or the players on the roster, but you’d have to think that Wilson regards Hackett as his equal is a bit odd. He might really think so, but he’s actually saying something much deeper. Wilson views it as an equal partnership indicating that he thinks he is better than Hackett. Again, he might be, but he’s pretty sure he’s not playing like that. What a complete disaster.

No, this won’t be the year Wilson gets his first official NFL vote, as Ross looks cooked.