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Splash’s Daryl Hannah Defends Halle Baile’s Little Mermaid Casting



Halle Bailey has landed the role of a lifetime chosen to play Disney’s favorite red-haired mermaid Ariel in the little Mermaid remake. Unfortunately, a number of online haters have cut back The first trailer for the live action movie Which led to it being the most hated Disney trailer on YouTube, using the hashtag #NotMyAriel. From one little mermaid to another, splashDaryl Hannah defended choosing Halle Bailey as the next Ariel against backlash.

Daryl Hannah hit the big screen in 1984 splash, which stars Tom Hanks as a man who falls in love with a woman without knowing she is the mermaid who saved his life from drowning as a boy. As a woman who wore a giant tale herself, Hana took that Twitter To defend black actress Halle Bailey against online racists: