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Triple H takes a tough stance on blood in WWE



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Triple H announced via an interview with ringer On Monday, two war games will be played this year Survivor Series Pay-per-view on November 26 in Boston. Elsewhere in the same interview, WWE’s chief content officer talked about bleeding into the WWE show. WarGames matches, especially early on, were notorious for bloodshed during matches, and other promotions like AEW, Impact, and New Japan didn’t shy away from it. But WWE has shied away from bleeding (especially the ancient art of blade wrestling) over the past decade and “The Game” indicated that it wouldn’t change that stance while on hold.

“The world has changed. The world has evolved. I don’t think this is necessary,” Levesque said. “If we have talent he gets it [cut open]You’ll usually see them brought up and they’ll be looked at to make sure there’s nothing dangerous. I’m just out of my mind at the moment, given the state of the world and the pandemic, at the end of the day, what we’re doing is dangerous enough without intentionally making it more dangerous. yes we did [feature bleeding] For a long period of time, but we changed this practice. It is irresponsible to return.”

“Look, when you have men and women performing at the highest levels, I feel like I spend more time talking about them through things than I do. [talking them into something], “Added later.” You’ve done this for years, and while you’re sitting behind that TV screen, watching this go down, you’re holding your breath the entirety of the show. I feel there is always a risk to reward ratio. Is it so big that people will walk away from this with that vision implanted in their minds and will never forget it? Because if you’re risking your health and longevity in your profession, in that moment, during that moment, it should be worth it. So I’ve talked to people about doing things because sometimes I’m like, ‘Look, be honest; it’s just slick.’

WarGames was initially revived in WWE in November 2017 as the annual NXT TakeOver event. Since then, there have been eight matches of war games in the WWE format. Meanwhile, AEW presented its own version of the match, Blood & Guts, in May 2021.

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