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WWE Legend Trish Stratus Updates Fans After Emergency Surgery



Shortly after Eva Marie’s trip to the hospital caused by fire ants, fans learn that one of WWE’s biggest wrestling icons is on the mend after a visit to the emergency room led to emergency surgery. One happy person is wrestling legend and Hall of Famer Trish Stratus, who revealed that a recent visit to her tummy ache may prevent her from suffering the prospect of a grim speculation.

Trish Stratos popped up Instagram To let fans know that she underwent surgery after they unexpectedly discovered that her appendix was about to burst. Stratos detailed the day’s events via video and a commentary explaining exactly what led to the emergency surgery:

After a grueling 10-hour travel day on Monday I was working through the pain on Tuesday preparing for an announcement (I’ll post it tomorrow). I have a pretty high pain tolerance so when I thought it was – cramps but ended up really hard, I pushed myself to the ER and it turned out that my appendix was preparing to explode – which can be really bad if it happens like causing death and stuff so I’m happy Really because I went to check it out, you know, to avoid everything dying.