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Billy Eichner returns to the street after three years with Paul Rudd to get straight people to go see the brothers



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Billy Eichner has made a name for himself with his hilarious YouTube series Billy on the street. He was running through the streets of New York City, usually with a very famous guest, aggressively asking pedestrian questions. Now, after three years away from the microphone, Eichner has taken to the streets again, with the help of “famous and beloved straight guy” Paul Rudd, to promote and “get straight people” to see his new movie. two brothers.

The video was released as a promotional tool for Eichner’s upcoming LGBTQ+ romcom. two brothers is a big deal because She makes history As the first movie to be released by a major movie studio that includes an all-LGBTQ+ major cast. Excitement has increased since its announcement, especially since Trailer, showcasing a large number of abnormal talents, Projection. Also, early reviews appear Critics analyze rom-com. However, there is still a promo to do before the film’s release on September 30th. And what better way to promote it than to return to the streets to convince people of fun and violence two brothers? Check out the funny part for yourself here: