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India: 16-year-old dies in hospital raped and burned – Ultima Ora & More Latest News Here



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(ANSA) – NEW DELHI, 20 SEPTEMBER – Another young victim of sexual violence died in India, just a week after the discovery of the bodies hanged from a tree of the two sisters who were kidnapped and raped. The victim, this time, is a sixteen year old, who died last night in the hospital in Lucknow, the capital of the state of Uttar Pradesh, where she was hospitalized dying, after being raped and set on fire.

Police released the news today, letting it be known that two alleged perpetrators have already been arrested. This umpteenth episode, which dates back to two days ago, had been kept hidden so as not to feed the already high tension in Uttar Pradesh where, after the death of the two sisters, there were strong protests and demonstrations to ask for protection and safety for women.

Once again, in fact, the violence was perpetrated in the most populous state in the whole of India and with the highest crime rate. And, once again, the victim belonged to the Dalit caste, believed to be the lowest on the persistent social ladder of Hinduism. A large group of police officers have been deployed to protect the victim’s family: in the past, on similar occasions, relatives have been threatened or have suffered severe retaliation for having “dared to report” the incident. (HANDLE).