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Iran in ‘pre-revolution’: Mahsa Amini’s death and Khamenei’s health are the decisive elements & More Latest News Here



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Marg bar dictator” [morte al dittatore in persiano, nda] is one of the slogans that I have heard most often in Iran and still today it is the motto most used by the demonstrators who in many Iranian cities have been protesting since the day of the death of Mahsa Amini, the 22-year-old killed by the moral police (Gasht-e Ershad) in Tehran. The reference is to Ali Khamenei, the Supreme Leader of Iran, which followed the death of Ayatollah Khomeini, founder of the Islamic Republic. Outrage over the death of Masha, killed because she had worn it inappropriately the hijab, had an international media coverage. On the matter, the Iranian president, Ebrahim Raisiordered the Ministry of the Interior to proceed with an investigation to clarify what happened e identify those responsible.

But it was not enough to calm the spirits of the young Iranian men and women that they never are like now ready to challenge the authorities in order to overthrow the regime. It is women in particular who are showing their courage, regardless of the consequences, which could lead to arrest as in the past. Many women in recent days have posted videos on social media, in which they can be seen set the hijab on fire or cut her hair in solidarity with the young girl killed. Sits in memory of Mahsa have been organized at various universities in Tehran. The clashes are continuing day and night, the police continue to disperse the crowd by clubbing and beating up anyone you meet on the street, throwing tear gas, and using fire hydrants. There is already talk of three dead and hundreds of injured.

To prevent the disclosure of the videos on social media, the government has ordered the decrease in internet access in some cities of Iran. I have personally witnessed various anti-government protests, quite disturbing in Iran over the past two decades. I cannot forget the dramatic ones of 2009 following the second re-election of President Mahammoud Ahmadinejad in which Neda Agha-Soltan was killed, in which thousands of boys were made to disappear and many others were arrested. Many of them are still in prison. The most recent protests I have experienced were those of 2019 which were not at all as some would have us believe against economic hardship or youth unemployment in Iran.

The protests in the Islamic Republic of Iran for 44 years have arisen for a very specific factor: the frustration of the population in front of an obsolete and uncompromising system. The dissent over Mahsa’s death and Khamenei’s poor health are in my opinion two decisive elements which could lead to something unexpected. What we are witnessing today in Iran could be called one “Pre-revolution”: whose more than valid reasons are now well known to everyone for years.

Although still today a minority of the population is still linked to ideologies of the Islamic Revolution most of the 80 million inhabitants of Iran strongly disagree with that political Islam of yesteryear. For years the people have been asking for greater freedom, a “freedom” that the regime has never granted, in fact antagonizing its own people, inside and outside Iran. Incomprehensible to me the choice of the various governments that have followed one another in these 4 decades, which despite the dissent have continued to push the population to a greater Islamizationin which women are, as often happens, have been the main victims.

It seems obscure how the Islamic Republic has not yet understood that the people no longer have any confidence in that ideological system of the past whose term has been transformed into “regime“. A system that has never considered the needs of the people, who basically only asked for more rights but which could now really be an underestimated boomerang. “Change in Iran will come from women” we had always written on this page and based on what we are seeing there are all the prerequisites for the protests this time not to subside easily. This time, unlike the other protests, there is something more. A determination that I had never seen, today men and women of Iran are no longer afraid and despite the drama of the situation, there could be prospects for a total system overhaul. It will not be easy because the violence against the protesters will continue without any mercy. What the whole international community should do right now is to put aside economic interests in that country and support in every way, including through the media, that people who have been in search of freedom for too many years.

Iran in ‘pre-revolution’: Mahsa Amini’s death and Khamenei’s health are the decisive elements
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Iran in ‘pre-revolution’: Mahsa Amini’s death and Khamenei’s health are the decisive elements
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Iran in ‘pre-revolution’: Mahsa Amini’s death and Khamenei’s health are the decisive elements
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