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Jurnee Smollett explains how her character in Lou is like Black Canary



on Netflix’s ifJurnee Smollett plays a desperate mother who, after her young daughter is kidnapped, teams up with Lou (Allison Janney) and the two women wind up on a rescue mission that will see them risk their lives as well as uncover dark secrets about fate. from their past. It’s an action packed movie that sees Smollett’s character take on some major physical and emotional challenges in the name of saving someone you love. For Smollett, playing such a strong and resilient character is nothing new as many know her for her role as Dinah Lance/Black Canary in Birds of Prey (And The Wonderful Emancipation of Harley Quinn) And it seems like, while the two characters are very different, there are also some similarities.

Smollett said That for Hannah, her character Lou, and Dinah, it’s all about “capturing the reality of color femininity” and all of its complexities.

“I think with Hannah in Low, she’s a survivor. She comes from a very broken and abusive background, but she’s very resilient and it’s really the resilience that women have that we really wanted to capitalize on with this story,” Smollett said. “While these women feel very different, they have a lot in common together, and they discover it when forced to work together, work against the elements, and work against conquering this villain.”

She continued, “While yes, my search for Hana was very different from my search of reading a bunch of Black Canary’s picture books, I think it’s just about tapping into the truth about the color of femininity and its complexity. For Lou, she’s spent her whole life in the service.” For Hannah, she devoted her life to motherhood. It’s a completely different conversation we’re having about femininity in the movie.”

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Here’s how to describe Netflix ifThinking that she has put her dangerous past behind her, Lou (Allison Janney) finds her quiet life is put on hold when a desperate mother (Jurney Smollett) asks her to rescue her kidnapped daughter. With a severe storm raging, the two women risk living on a rescue mission that will test their limits and reveal their Dark and shocking secrets from their pasts.Academy Award winner Allison Janney and Emmy nominee Gurney Smollett star in the lead role. if, along with Logan Marshall-Green and Ridley Asha Bateman. The film is directed by Anna Forster from a screenplay by Maggie Cohen and Jack Stanley, with Bad Robot produced by J.J. Abrams, Hana Minghella and John Cohen.

As for the black canary birdA second walk for Smollett in the iconic role is in the works with Misha Greene, who wrote the script for the solo movie Black Canary, and Smollett previously

She was excited to get to further explore the character.

“I’m so excited about a number of things I can’t talk about,” Smollett told us. “I mean, I’m excited, that’s what I can say. I’m excited to explore a lot… I feel like we’ve just touched the surface with Black Canary. She’s one of the best martial artists in the DC Universe. This is something that’s really challenging in my head and I’m excited about the possibility that Being able to explore deeper and farther and wider and bigger.”

if It premieres September 23 on Netflix.