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What Does The Bible Say About Cross-Dressers?



Cross-dressing is the act of sporting devices of garments not usually associated to 1’s intercourse. Cross-dressing has been used for features of disguise, comfort, comedy, and self-expression in stylish cases and all by historic previous.

Almost every human society all by historic previous has had anticipated norms for each gender relating to style, coloration, or form of garments they’re anticipated to placed on, and likewise, most societies have had a set of pointers, views, and even authorized tips defining what sort of garments is appropriate for each gender.

What Does The Bible Say About Cross-Dressers?

The Bible reads inside the information of DEUTERONOMY 22:5 that A lady shouldn’t placed on males’s garments, nor an individual wears women’s garments, for the Lord your God detests anyone who does this.

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A lady shouldn’t positioned on males’s garments, and an individual shouldn’t placed on women’s garments. Anyone who does that’s detestable inside the sight of the Lord your God.

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