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Adnan Syed DNA Results



A Baltimore County Circuit Court determine who has been acknowledged as Judge Melissa Phinn has ordered new DNA testing inside the case of Adnan Syed.

Syed is known for his murder conviction which ended up turning into the subject of the massively frequent first season of the “Serial” podcast.
Court’s paperwork reveal that, Judge Melissa Phinn ordered the Baltimore Police Department inside the hours of Monday to carry proof inside the case to the Forensic Analytical Crime Lab in Hayward, California, inside 15 days.
Meanwhile, Syed is serving a life sentence after his conviction of first-degree murder, theft, kidnapping, and false imprisonment in February 2000.

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Syed is claimed to have slayed his ex-girlfriend, Hae Min Lee, every of whom had been seniors at Woodlawn High School in Baltimore County in January 1999 when she disappeared. Her strangled physique was present in a metropolis forest three weeks later until Syed was lastly convicted of her murder.
Syed who’s now 40 has since been attention-grabbing his convictions for years.

Adnan Syed DNA Results

Adnan Syed DNA Results didn’t match the samples from new assessments carried out on the safety’s request. “(Syed) seeks to use the most advanced DNA testing methodologies that are currently available to analyze the biological evidence collected from the scene in an effort to exculpate him”, research say.

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