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Andor cast on creating new Star Wars villains



With the first three episodes of Andor Come new couple star Wars The bad guys make Cassian’s life difficult when he starts setting fire to the rebel alliance that has already been seen going off Rogue One: Story Wars Story. New in the barn Kyle Soler and Dennis Gough, who check in as Imperial Army Deputy Inspector Cyril Karn and Imperial Security Bureau Security Adviser Deidra Miro. Soler and Goff reached out to for an exclusive interview, and insight into their characters now debuting in Andor Series and share some of the most epic joining parts star Wars.

Soller’s Syril Karn is a huge disappointment for Cassian Andor, as he serves as a detective of sorts who constantly pursues leads and looks to crush anyone who opposes the imperial ways. Despite these motives that go along with many of the Star Wars villains before him, Soler wanted to do something completely original. “I really wanted to find a completely new character, but that’s also what Tony [Gilroy] I had written it was just a completely new character that I hadn’t seen before star Wars before,” Soler said. all of this star Wars The characters, they’re life-based, they’re based on archetypes, they’re based on things we know from our humanity and I think what Tony created with Cyril and also Deidra, a really 3D kind of villain is conflicting. Cyril is probably more conflicted than Dedra but these great villains in star WarsAlthough they live in walls, I think, when you’re on set anyway. So, they’re probably out there somewhere.”

For Soler, joining the Star Wars universe went beyond seeing himself on screen as an imperial villain. In fact, one of the first looks at his character came from the LEGO minifigure in a new form Andor play group. That’s when Soler’s friend reached out to him and shared his first look. “I have a very good family friend who is really involved in Star Wars and really into LEGO and has all things,” Soler said. And he just sent me this screenshot of connecting all the dots and all the arrows, and he said to me, ‘From the trailer, that’s you. And I was like Are you telling me I’m from LEGO? And I had a meltdown, like, I don’t really know where to go from here, though, because it’s like star Wars So does LEGO. I’m a really cool uncle now for my seven-year-old nephew and I think I’m doing pretty well.”

Gough added to Soler’s excitement. She said, “When I first saw Kyle in his costume, I was like, ‘Oh my God, you look like a little game.’” He looked like LEGO, in that greenery, in green with those shoes! The rest of the cast is on set, separating themselves from the “dirty” rebels, something that if true, Deidra Miro’s character would apparently approve of!

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“Deidra being a woman is just a bigger deal than I could have imagined,” Goff explained. “When I sat on one of my first days in that huge room and there are 30 men sitting and another very quiet woman who didn’t speak and I thought, she’s like, ‘I’m going to go to the top of this because I refuse to be…’ another character is lazy, he’s lazy And he’s messy, like his imperial officer’s uniform is messy and she can’t stand it. She’s so excellent, Dedra, that she just talked to be in a fascist regime. Characters like that are so dangerous, you know, she’s like, ‘Oh my God, that would have been awesome. In the Rebels but they’re just very dirty.”

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