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As US collector’s ratings dominate the headlines, Mike Wolfe, Robbie, and the gang are still on the road and filming



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America’s collectors It’s currently airing new episodes on Saturday, although a recent replay featuring Frank Fritz has some fans reminiscing online. The display of history has gone in a new direction after the uproar surrounding Fritz’s exit has become public news for over a year now; Unfortunately, America’s collectors Valuations went in a new direction, too: the south. Regardless, Mike, Robbie, and their loyal crew are still doing their bit on the road and producing new episodes.

The latest season of America’s collectors It has been showing new episodes since July 9th. Most of those episodes dropped well below the million-viewer mark, which is the limit Mike Wolfe almost always hosted with Frank. However, the team is already back on the road and putting together new episodes to air at a later date, and Robbie Wolf recently yelled at the team and all their hard work in a cute BTS post on Instagram.