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Bizarre|| Horror As Woman Gives Birth To A Snake



The joy of a woman who was expecting a baby after 9months of fatigue and pregnancy struggle has her joy turned into misery after giving birth to a snake.

Inutu Nyambe ( name not true) of Njeke village, Namatindi area in Kalabo District on Saturday 26 , 2020 gave birth to a snake the situation that has brought shock to the villagers.

According to the information obtained from the village Indunas the mother to the snake was pregnant for 9months and on 26th December,2020 had labour signs eventually gave birth to a snake.

The lady is left in deep shock and trauma.

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The source disclosed to BWD that the baby snake has been burnt.

The incidence has not been reported to the Police or ministry of Health.

BWD’ s comment: May the Health Practitioners from Mongu follow this matter so that the woman can be helped psychologically and healthwise. Let them check her body and womb. This is entirely not normal. We are aware that villages this time have gone to the witch doctors instead of going to the Hospital.

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