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Blue Finch sells out on Beyond Fest titles like Stéphane and Good Boy



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Blue Finch Films surged into international sales of European genre titles, Scandinavian thriller “Good Boy” and found “Stéphane” ahead of its world premiere at Beyond Fest.

“Good Boy,” delving into the dangers of the modern dating world, follows Sigrid who thinks she’s met the perfect Christian in Christian until she discovers he’s living with a man who acts like his pet dog.

The French thriller “Stéphane,” a new movie about the genre of found footage, follows Timothée, as he documents his time with a larger-than-life, almost incredible character he met while filming a short film. Over time their hilarious and eccentric conversations become something more sinister.

‘Stephan’ directors Timothée Hochet and Lucas Pasteur said: ‘Our film is a tribute to all Stefan in the world. We all know a man like him, with all his strangeness and originality. We made a motion picture that we loved watching, one that plays with the audience and puts them in a strange and unique setting. It can be defined as a horrific comedy.”

Good Boy director Philgar Boye said: “’Good Boy’ is a project that means a lot to us and we are so grateful and excited to be working with Blue Finch and can’t wait for our premiere at Beyond Fest. We couldn’t have wished for a better place to start our festival with ‘Good Boy’. We tried to blend many genres in the context of films like ‘Audition’ and ‘Gone Girl’ and I hope the film will be thought-provoking and audience-busting.”

Blue Finch’s lineup also includes Tribeca’s handpicked Mali Elfman “Next Exit”, the award-winning documentary “Once Upon A Time In Uganda” and the horror comedy “She Came From The Woods” starring Kara Bono (“Stranger Things”) and William Sadler (Bill and Ted franchise).

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