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Brad Pitt and Sandra Bullock plot the rom-com, playing the hosts of QVC



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Brad Pitt and Sandra Bullock traded cameos this year when Pitt appeared in Bullock’s $105 million romantic comedy The Lost City, and Bullock appeared in Pitt’s late-summer thriller Bullet Train. But will the two top a movie together? It turns out that they had planned years ago by developing a comedy where they would play warring ex-husbands on QVC. The Pitt-Bullock comedy did not go beyond early development.

“Actually, Sandy [Sandra Bullock] And I once tried to develop a whole idea of ​​the husband-and-wife team, who were the most successful salespeople at QVC, but we got divorced, we hate each other, and we get it on the air while we sell things, Pete said recently. UK Vogue. “That’s as far as we got.”

Pete revealed Bullock’s lost project during an interview promoting Le Domaine, his new line of non-sexual skincare essentials. The Oscar winner told Vogue that his skin is proof that Le Domaine works.

Pete said, “I know there are new products almost every day that people are trying to launch, but if I didn’t see a real visual difference in my skin, I wouldn’t bother [making it]. “

Pete recently headlined Sony’s “Bullet Train,” which has earned $96 million in the US since its debut in early August. Worldwide, the support column has earned $222 million. Next for Pete is the starring role opposite Margot Robbie and Diego Calva in “Babylon,” the new Paramount-backed drama from Oscar-winning Damien Chazelle’s “La La Land.” The movie opens in select theaters on December 25th.

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