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Change of venue considered as trial begins for Alex Guajardo accused of stabbing pregnant wife Caitlynne in 2019!



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Pasadena, Texas (KTRK) – Consideration is being given to relocating a murder suspect accused of murdering his pregnant wife while on bail for another crime.

Original report: Prosecutors say man targeted fetus while stabbing pregnant wife

This murder dates back to 2019 and involved a man named Alex Guajardo and his wife Caitlin accused of stabbing to death.

Prosecutor Kim Og and a DA spokesperson can testify in the case.

Guajardo’s lawyer said the publicity in the case is preventing his client from getting a fair trial.

Guajardo was out of prison on a personal pledge after hitting Caitlynne at the time of his alleged murder.

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Caitlynne’s mother did her best to keep the details in the public eye in hopes of changing the way bonds are awarded to suspects.

The Caitlynne Act made its way into the state legislature, but it was not passed, but parts of it were put up in Senate Bill 6 which passed.

Defense attorneys said Og and his spokesman, Dan Schiller, were outspoken in their condemnation of the bond system that allowed Gujarardo to get out of prison before he stabbed his wife to death.

Defense attorneys claim that publicity about the case makes it impossible to appoint an impartial jury in Harris County.

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Defense attorneys are asking for a change in the location of the case as the case begins.

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