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Emily Ratajkowski Addresses Adam Levine Scandal: ‘It’s Predatory, Manipulative’



Emily Ratajkowski talked about the Adam Levine’s disloyalty embarrassment following her reduce up with accomplice Sebastian Bear-McClard, who purportedly betrayed her.

The model apparently hammered entertainer Sara Cultivate for accusing Sumner Stroh, who assured of getting a drawn out illicit relationship with the Maroon 5 vocalist, of collaborating with a wedded man.

“I fail to see the reason why we keep on faulting ladies for men’s slip-ups, particularly while you’re discussing 20-something-year-elderly people ladies managing men in, influential places who are two times their age,” Ratajkowski acknowledged in a TikTok video.

“The power dynamic is so slanted, it’s crazy. It’s savage. It’s manipulative. On the off chance that you’re the one in a relationship, you are the person who’s committed to be faithful,” she added.

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“I think a tremendous issue in our way of life right presently is that we simply say, ‘Gracious, men are beasts, they’re horrendous, they’re terrible,’” The Gone Young lady entertainer acknowledged in a subsequent video.

“We don’t consider them responsible and afterward we fault different ladies,” she proceeded. “We request that ladies change their method of behaving considerably than attempting to say males wish to alter their method of behaving. It’s sexism. It’s exemplary sexism.

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