On Tuesday, the International Automobile Federation (FIA) sanctioned the thoroughly upended 2023 Formula 1 race calendar, but it managed to anger the teams. According to sources said to be reliable, the teams were only informed about the fact of the vote three hours before the meeting of the World Motorsport Council, even though some controversial details had yet to be clarified.

The triple round at the end of the season (USA, Mexico and Brazil), for example, has not yet been officially approved by the teams, and although it is not expected to be vetoed, the FIA ​​procedure, which partially bypasses the stables, has blown the fuse for many.

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The calendar will be a record-long 24 races, and in addition, a race will be held in Las Vegas (according to local time) on Saturday. The last time a competition was held on Saturday was in 1985, in Kyalami, South Africa.