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Harry Sheezel in the NAB League: 5 Things You Should Know



In the sport of Australian rules football, rising star and rough-and-tumble potential AFL star Harry Sheezel is a player to watch.

According to reports from the media on the outside, the young athlete is considered to be one of the most promising prospects for the national draught in 2022. Despite hearing the talk, Harry is working hard to keep his composure since, much like the majority of the other players, he comes into the season eager to play everything on the line.

During his junior career, he was a member of the Ajax junior team. Subsequently, he joined the Victoria Metro under 18 squad, which is the team to which he presently pledges royalty. The NAB League Boys’ 2022 Team of the Year will include Sheezel, as it was announced last week.

Many teams have started to take notice of him as a result of his ability to score goals as a forward, his deft touch in the middle of the field, and his knack for turning around games when they’re going badly for his team. This improved his prospects even further of being selected among the top 10 players available in the next AFL Draft in November.

Football Highlights

Harry Sheezel
Harry Sheezel

A Few Quick Points Regarding Harry Sheezel

Full NameHarry Sheezel
BornOctober 13, 2004
Height6 ft (184 cm)
Weight77 kg
ProfessionNAB League Player
TeamSandringham Dragons

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Is it true that Harry Sheezel is Jewish? An Explanation of Ethinicity and Origin

Young athlete Harry Sheezel, who is Jewish and speaks very strongly of his community, has received a lot of attention for his heritage.

The Australian Jewish News is excited to spread the word about two Jewish young men who are taking on a new adventure. The first is Harry Sheezel, who played for AJAX in the past and currently represents U18 Victoria Metro, and the second is Ziggy Toledo-Glasman, who is the son of Simon Glasman, who played for AJAX in the past.

Jewish athletes have always been underrepresented in the AFL. Todd Goldstein, Ezra Poyas, and Julian Kirzner are just a few of the select few who have achieved success at the league’s highest level. Sheezel is a lively forward who possesses a wide variety of clever moves close to the goal, and he has acquired a big following across the nation.

Early in his career, he played for the only Jewish football team in the nation, which was Ajax, a club with its headquarters in the inner districts of Melbourne. It was also around this time that Sheezel, who is anticipated to go in the top 10 picks in this year’s NAB AFL Draft, began to observe the increase in support for his growing football career from members of the Jewish community. This year’s NAB AFL Draft is scheduled to take place on April 25.

“There hasn’t been as many Jewish footballers lately to make it into the AFL, so it’s kind of special to hopefully be the first one in a while,” he said after being selected for the NAB AFL draught. “It’s kind of special to possibly be the first one in a while.”

There are five things about the NAB League star Harry Sheezel that you need to know.

  1. Sheezal was born in Australia on October 13, 2004, making him a potential AFL player in the future. He is presently playing with Victoria Metro’s younger age groups, which range from under 18 to under 19. The footballer, who is currently 17 years old, will turn 18 in a few weeks’ time in the month of October.
  2. Harry Sheezel has a respectable height of 6 feet (184 cm), and his ripped figure weights somewhere in the neighbourhood of 77 kg (170 lbs). It was incomprehensible to Harry’s teammates that he was not selected for the interleague division one under-15 squad, which added to the feeling that the situation was unfair for a player who had been recognised for a long time as a leader among his contemporaries.
  3. Hebrew was a subject that was taught to Sheezel during his time at Mount Scopus, which is regarded as one of the best Jewish schools in the country. His grandfather is the most devoted follower of Jewish rites and customs, and therefore the family of the 17-year-old boy observes them all throughout the year.
  4. He signed with the Sandringham Dragons of the NAB AFL league in 2021 and has scored 37 goals since then, including 32 in just 13 games of this season alone. On September 10, 2022, the Gippsland Power were defeated by a player who is currently ranked fourth in the league in scoring, and that player’s performance included a hat trick.
  5. Will Ashcroft, a member of the Sandringham Dragons and one of the most consistent players in the league, forms a formidable partnership with the exciting Sandringham Dragons prospect, who is expected to be selected in the top ten in the upcoming draught in November.
Harry Sheezel
Harry Sheezel


The Dragons’ Saturday victory against Calder featured a game-changing performance by Sandringham forward Harry Sheezel at NAB League level.

The 17-year-old, who will be eligible for the AFL draught the following year, kicked 3.3 goals, demonstrating his capacity to go ahead of his defender and manufacture opportunities.

Jackson Kornberg, the coach, observed that “something happens when he gets near the ball.”

He amassed 21 possessions while operating out of half-forward, participated in numerous scoring chains, laid six tackles, applied pressure, resulting in additional inside 50s, and was chosen by the coaches as the fourth best player on the field.

Sheezel was especially delighted with that defensive performance.

Sheezel stated, “I had a review with Jacko earlier in the week and it was largely focused around my defensive game and my intensity so I just focused on that and I guess that really helped me.

I was glad to contribute because Jacko has been stressing the need of an honest effort among the group.

The squad is rather dominant, so it was wise to seize my opportunities when they presented themselves.

Sheezel claims that GWS small forward Toby Greene is his role model, and he has displayed some of the on-field characteristics of the former All-Australian.

He had a hangover over the weekend, is a hard competitor, makes good judgments with the ball and knows a few tricks, wears out his opponents, and has the potential to have an impact further up the field.

Most importantly, Sheezel has a talent for identifying the objectives.

Sheezel scored four goals on his senior debut for AJAX Football Club earlier in the season, four goals in his third NAB League game, and three goals in his maiden under-17s carnival game for Vic Metro last month.

Sheezel believes it to be a natural talent because it has been honed by his goal-scoring attempts on the field throughout his junior career as a midfielder.

Given Sheezel’s poise and precise kicking, though, under 17s coach Nick Moodie acknowledges that the idea to recreate Sheezel as a defender was entertained.

He is such a good user and is so athletic, I genuinely felt we could use him as a running half-back at the beginning of the year, according to Moodie.

“I estimate that our intra-club time was roughly a half. I responded, “Nup, you’re lost.” Go back forward; you’re a natural forward.

He is a goalkicker who simply knows where the goals are. He is something like a more athletic Eren Soylemez.

Given that he is still in the early stages of his growth, Moodie continued, there is room for him to be moved around in terms of position so he can demonstrate his versatility.

Sheezel received permission from the Dragons to play two senior football matches for AJAX earlier this year and claimed he found it to be really beneficial.

“It taught me how to outwit my bigger defenders by using my agility, leading patterns, and forward craft.

One member of the AJAX team was Harry’s cousin Toby, who was listed with the Dragons in 2019. Harry and Toby have a close relationship.

Sports shoot-outs with Toby as a youngster helped him hone the competitive edge that shows in his drive for the ball.

We’re pretty sporty together because we’re frequently at each other’s homes kicking the football, according to Sheezel.

Additionally, the two have gone on family vacations, seen Hawthorn’s three-peat at the MCG as ardent Hawks’ supporters, and trained together in the preseason as Harry tried to increase the intensity of his jogging.

Sheezel, who played basketball for his country until the age of 14, now coaches basketball during Mount Scopus College’s summer break.

He pauses, stops, and laughs when asked which NBA club he backs, saying, “I can’t go for a team – I’d say Brooklyn because I love Kevin Durant, but then I sound like a bandwagoner!”

He may have developed a strong work ethic as a result of his exposure to higher-level sports, which Kornberg complimented.

What you already know about Sheez is that he will put in a lot of effort and has a high level of training intensity, according to Kornberg.

It’s wonderful to see him come out and make six tackles over the weekend even if he’s always been deft and kind when it comes to goals. It demonstrates that he is beginning to improve his [defensive] aspect of his game and that the intention is unquestionably present.

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