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Houston crime: 1 killed, 1 hurt during home invasion on Redford Street in Edgebrook neighborhood, police say!



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Houston, Texas (KTRK) – Edgebrook residents who spoke to ABC13 said gunshots were all too common in the area after another act of violence killed one person and injured another on Wednesday morning.

Police describe the latest shooting in 1,200 buildings on Redford Street as a home invasion.

Officers said they did not know if the two suspects at the scene had forced their way or had been allowed in, but police said that once the suspects entered, the suspects immediately started shooting.

Police said a man was shot several times in the torso and died inside the unit. Another victim was shot in the leg and was taken to hospital.

Police said drugs may have played a role in the incident, adding that the suspects searched the apartment after firing several shots.

Houston Police Lt. R. Wilkins said, “We’re not sure if they kicked the door, but we know they got in somehow, and when they did they started shooting. It was all done with pistols.”

Police told us there was a separate shooting at the same location on Tuesday afternoon, although they are not sure if the two are connected.

He described the suspects in the Wednesday morning shootings as black males. Police said they fled on foot.

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