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Independence Walker: Premiere date and other quick things we know about the CW series



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While traditional Western films aren’t as prevalent as they once were, Neo-Western TV shows are among some of the most popular and acclaimed dramas on the small screen – like Paramount Network’s Yellowstone or CW’s Walker. However, it appears that the old-school Western genre is beginning to appear on TV in the form of spin-offs set in the past, such as Yellowstonebroccoli – 1883 and next 1923 – And the next competition, Independence Walker.

In fact, this new series has the unique advantage of being a precursor to the reboot, like the show – which stars previously supernatural Cast member Jared Padalecki as Honorary Lawman – loosely inspired by the long-running crime action of the 1990s starring Chuck Norris and his famous kicks. Will Independence Walker Living up to the enduring legacy of this TV classic, how will it connect to the current iteration of The CW, and when can fans expect to see it? The latter is the first question we answer in the following analysis of everything we know about the series so far.

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Walker Independence premieres on The CW in October 2022