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Javier Baez has pledged to provide free hot meals to Puerto Ricans affected by Hurricane Fiona



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Detroit Tigers star and Puerto Rican Javier Baez provide support during Hurricane Fiona with free hot meals for anyone affected in Puerto Rico.

Detroit Tigers star and Puerto Rican Javier Baez are serving up free hot meals to anyone in Puerto Rico affected by Hurricane Fiona. It is a hurricane It is now considered to be in the fourth categorycaused significant damage to the island, including blackouts and infrastructure destruction.

Baez posted a statement online on Monday with translation With credit to TMZ:

“All families in need of a hot meal can stop at taquizapr in Toa Baja, and we will give it to you for free!! If your community is affected and you need a hot meal, you can call 787-665-2323 (Joshua) or visit @taquizapr and we will make all arrangements. All!”

He also added, “I know we’re going through something very difficult. I’m with you.”

This isn’t the first time Baez has done his best to help his local community. He has provided free meals in the past and has also helped Puerto Ricans in times of need in many ways.

Tigers star Javier Baez has a history of helping Puerto Rico in times of need

There are many notable times when Baez helped his local community in Puerto Rico. Back in 2018, Puerto Rico was terribly affected by Hurricane Maria. Bayes made a trip home to spend time providing assistance and visiting local hospitals. he is too Create a program called Los Magos Puerto Rican players were allowed to assist the cause and raise funds.

In 2019, it is Help make baseball available again for young children in Puerto Rico by helping with efforts to rebuild fields devastated by hurricanes. Just one year later in 2020, when the entire world was affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, Baez found a way to help Puerto Rico Again.

Due to school closures, children were unable to get free meals provided at school, and some students had to go without similar meals. Bayes offered the same offer of free hot meals, as well as hand sanitizers and face masks.

Time and time again, Javier Paez has shown that he is always thinking about how to give back to his Puerto Rican community in times of need, all while making tiger fans more aware of the challenges Puerto Ricans have faced during natural disasters and the pandemic.

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