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Kansas City Royals Dayton Moore Ejected, This Is What It Means



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The royals have fired longtime head of baseball operations Dayton Moore. What does moving forward mean?

The team announced that the Kansas City Royals have fired President of Baseball Operations Dayton Moore and appointed JJ Piccolo as Executive Vice President and General Manager, with immediate effect.

Perhaps the biggest question on the minds of Royal Family fans — and those around baseball attentive — is why now?

There was suspicion among rival executives that the Royal Family would part with Moore after this year, mainly because Moore is among the most respected executives in baseball and the team’s farm system has provided the young talent. But the Royals’ struggles in recent seasons – they have lost 89 losses with 14 games remaining this season – plus their inability to constantly develop the young field, have forced boss John Sherman to act now.

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Besides, members of the royal family prepared Piccolo to eventually become the head of baseball operations. It’s possible that had it not been for Moore’s firing, Piccolo—who has sparked outside interest in the past—could have taken a leading role in the front office elsewhere. Piccolo is expected to revamp the way royals handle things in the front office, specifically with data and analytics, with Sherman telling reporters: “I think sometimes the data isn’t as prominent in this organization as it should be. We need to make more decisions. data-based”.

What does this mean for Mike Matheny?

At the moment, nothing. Matheny will continue to run the royal family for the remainder of the 2022 season, but his career status after this season is in question even though the team exercises its option for 2023 on March 31.

What next for Dayton Moore?

Moore will be looking for another job in baseball, and given his solid baseball reputation, he will have no problem finding another prominent position. Before joining the royal family in 2005, he started his career as a college coach and had a long apprenticeship with the Atlanta Braves.

Interestingly, Moore said the athlete: “I want to stay in baseball. I’m a coach by nature. One of the things I’ve been criticized for is staying with the players for so long. But coaches stay with the players. … That’s how they are wired.”

How does this affect members of the royal family moving forward?

For the first time since 2005, the royal family will have a new voice leading the baseball operations division. As Sherman hinted, the team will prioritize becoming a more analytical number. But it is very likely that this will be the first of many key moves the team is making.

The next potential domino is Matheny. But the royals will be taking a closer look at their revamped player development system, as the team has struggled to replace local stars since the departures of Eric Hosmer, Mike Mustakas and Alex Gordon.

Internally, the team thought their way to replace these players – and eventually make the playoffs – would be from a test class featuring four collegiate bowlers in Brady Singer, Daniel Lynch, Jackson Cowar and Chris Bobick. But Singer is the only one of the four bowlers with an ERA of less than 5.15, which raises questions about their ability – or inability – to develop their junior league players.

Piccolo’s first, and probably most important, task will be to hire people to maximize the talent of their young players – and it will go a long way toward determining the success of his tenure.