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LOTR’s Orlando Bloom Joins Support Episodes of Superstar Of The Force Ismael Cruz Cordova Amid A Hateful Backlash



The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power Finally, it has caused quite a bit of buzz thus far. Unfortunately, not all of this attention was positive, as the show received racist reactions from a number of viewers. Some have objected to the fact that the show casts people of color to play a dwarf and dwarf. Ismael Cruz Cordova is one of the stars who unfortunately received hateful comments, although he also got a lot of support. And the last person to show him some love is none other than lotter Orlando Bloom Alum.

Orlando Bloom played dwarf archer Legolas in Peter Jackson Lord of the rings Triple faithful the hobbit Movies. So it’s totally fitting that he yells at fellow sprite Ismael Cruz Cordova. Share Bloom’s profile Instagram ... that included a picture of him and Cruz Cordova captioned the picture with the perfect word. Check out ... for yourself below: