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Margot Robbie admits that the Barbie movie brought the most humiliating moment of her career



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TThe life of a successful actor or actress seen from the outside can seem magical, because we only see the end result. However, the filming of the films contains a wealth of secrets that reveal a more complex reality.

We don’t often get a glimpse of this part of an actor’s craft, but sometimes, either in behind-the-scenes shots or in interviews, the professionals open up about what’s going on and let’s peek into the workings of Hollywood.

This is exactly what Margot Robbie She recently did on ‘The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon’, where she talked about filming her upcoming big movie ‘Barbie’.

She has told many anecdotes about what it was like to play this character and also to do it alongside another great actor, such as Ryan Gosling.

It was a very funny interview where we also learned what Robbie had the most embarrassing and humiliating moment of her career.

Since this moment, moreover, took place in Barbie, it is new and modern for the Australian actress.

The most humiliating scene of Margot Robbie in the movie “Barbie”

The sequence in question was filmed on the beach, where Barbie and Ken were skiing together along the promenade. So good so far, but there was one detail that made Robbie incredibly uncomfortable, which was the large number of people watching the scene shoot.

According to what she told Fallon, since she’s so accustomed to fame, Robbie assured viewers that she had never, and never, felt so awkward in her life, especially because of the clothes they both wore.

Of course, a good outfit can change everything, for better or for worse.


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