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Military experts: mobilized reservists will receive old Soviet weapons, but this is to their advantage 1 & More Latest News Here




According to experts, attracting the population in the reserve of the armed forces will aim to fill the catastrophic loss of manpower of the regular units.

Here, they say, there are three ingredients

First of all, the infantry. Partial mobilization will solve the issues of filling the positions of maneuver units. But when it comes to quality, this move is unlikely to change anything.

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According to warfare experts, the battles showed the importance of well-trained and motivated infantry. Against the backdrop of defeats, men who are thrown into the front ranks against their will (even after training) will not change the situation, they say.

On the other hand, since the stock of modern equipment in Russia is very limited, it will not be difficult for the reservists who come to the units to update their skills with old Soviet weapons, equipment and equipment. This will speed up the integration of the mobilized into the maneuver units.

Second – specialists. According to experts, in theory, the Russians should now attract high-value specialists (gunners, pilots, communicators, etc.) to the armed forces. However, it is possible that this resource is used, or perhaps exhausted.

“Since the beginning of the escalation, we have seen how Russia has significantly intensified the return of high-value specialists to the armed forces (contractors) or inclusion in the ranks of mercenaries (there were even Wagner pilots, not to mention other specialties). It did not bring the desired result. The question is, how many of them are left, what are their specialties and what is their motivation”, they say.

Military experts: mobilized reservists will receive old Soviet weapons, but this is to their advantage

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The third is the commanders. According to experts, this is perhaps the most painful topic for the Russian armed forces.

The best they had in the regular forces, they had already lost at Kyiv, Mariupol, Severodonetsk, Kherson, Izyum. The biggest problem is the commanders of the lower echelon (section – company) and the middle echelon (battalion – regiment – brigade). That is, those who lead the battle “on the ground.” Able and willing ex-officers have been fighting (or fought) in the ranks of mercenaries for a long time.

Therefore, the aggressor probably will not be able to develop this resource.

Experts believe that with the announcement of partial mobilization, the Russian military-industrial complex is likely to receive significantly more orders, and it will be a priority in terms of manpower, payments and raw materials.

It is likely that the Russian sales of arms, equipment, and military equipment with foreign countries will be terminated (we have already seen this before the announcement of partial mobilization), this equipment will supplement their armed forces.

“However, it can begin to have an impact on the front no earlier than in half a year, when the newly produced equipment and armaments will be in sufficient quantities. Not only that, the impact of sanctions will be increasingly felt in autumn and winter, so it can also slow down production,” they say.

Therefore, it is very possible that warehouses of preserved military equipment and weapons will be opened in order to achieve the fastest possible results, and we will see even more old Soviet equipment and weapons at the front.

It cannot be ruled out that with the beginning of partial mobilization, there will be a desire to review the operational and tactical principles of warfare, to introduce the lessons learned into the forces, to try to develop previously poorly developed areas of armaments (for example, to create their own kamikaze drones or attack drones based on Iranian drones).

But this requires admitting mistakes, going on the defensive, rearming and retraining the military. Experience has shown that the Russians are reluctant to correct their mistakes.

Military experts: mobilized reservists will receive old Soviet weapons, but this is to their advantage

Experts believe that hasty attempts to annex the occupied territories are the result of Ukraine’s successful counterattack in Kharkiv-Izyum.

According to them, not being able to stop a potential further attack by the Ukrainians by military means (let alone recapture the territories), the Russians are trying to solve the situation by political means.

Having annexed the occupied territories, Russia hopes to dissuade the Ukrainians from continuing to attack these territories, reasoning that they will immediately defend “their territory” with all possible means, including nuclear weapons – this is provided for in Russian military doctrine.

“It is very likely that all this is aimed not so much at the decision-makers and publics of the EU/NATO in Ukraine, in order to show the Western world a ‘potentially unnecessary escalation with unpredictable consequences’, ie World War III and nuclear winter.” In this way, an attempt will be made not only to reduce support for Ukraine, but through the West to disrupt its decision-making process,” they write.

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Military experts: mobilized reservists will receive old Soviet weapons, but this is to their advantage 1

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Military experts: mobilized reservists will receive old Soviet weapons, but this is to their advantage 1

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Military experts: mobilized reservists will receive old Soviet weapons, but this is to their advantage 1

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